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About - Sustainability

Our vision is to provide long term solutions protecting all of our stakeholders to ensure we leave a legacy that we will be proud of for future generations.  We accomplish this by adhering to our Guiding Principles and by ensuring that our business activities reflect to our commitment to corporate responsibility.


Our guiding principles are applied to our business partners, workers, suppliers and customers and ensure that we all work towards the same goals - protecting the environment, supporting the community, protecting the health and safety of our workplace, and to customer service excellence.


To Protecting the Environment 

Lafleche is committed to a path of environmental sustainability.  This means reducing our environmental impact, promoting environmentally responsible business activities, and offering environmentally responsible products and services.  We believe that fulfilling our goals in these areas will lead to short and long term benefits for customers, employees and the communities.

We have been leaders in environmental management in our industry for many years.  While we are proud of our past and current activities, we can – and will – strive to do better.  In the future, we will continue to work hard to develop and implement the necessary programs, policies, procedures and guidelines to support our commitment to environmental sustainability.

Our commitment to our community, customers and employees on the continuous improvement of our environmental performance drives our company.  As a responsible business, we strongly encourage improvement suggestions to be voiced.

Lafleche is committed to being an environmental leader. We embrace our responsibility, integrating environmental considerations into our business and offering innovative waste management solutions and services while protecting the environment. Striving for continuous improvement will guide our approach.

Our values are reflected in our commitment to:

  • Reduce our environmental impact;

  • Promote environmentally responsible business activities;

  • Offer and expand our environmental services;

  • Continue to comply with all relevant environmental legislation and applicable requirements; and

  • Minimize waste, promote diversion through recycling, composting, soil and water remediation and reduce energy and raw material consumption and reduce green house gas emissions.

To Supporting Our Community

At Lafleche, we may think globally, but we most definitely act locally. We know that building a brighter future means ensuring economic, as well as environmental, sustainability.
That's why we pride ourselves on providing employment, and on investing in the growth of our communities. It's also one of the reasons we work hard to promote our successes, and to use those successes to attract complimentary businesses and high-level government attention to our region.
Lafleche believes that in order to maintain sustainable development and corporate responsibility, three key factors must be taken into consideration in every decision to ensure the impacts are evaluated and to ensure that our community benefits from our business decisions. 

Lafleche is proud to contribute $1 per metric tonne of waste received to the Township of North Stormont.  The funds become part of the township’s general revenue and are used to enhance our local community. 

In addition, Lafleche is a key contributor to the Lafleche Environmental Wetlands Trust Fund. The funds are used to acquire high quality wetlands in efforts to ensure its conservation.  The Alfred Bog, the largest and highest-quality bog ecosystem in Eastern Ontario has been protected through this Trust Fund. 

We are proud supporters and contributors to the Moose Creek Community Watershed Committee, the Eastern Wetlands Committee, the South Nation Conservation Authority, the St-Lawrence College Environmental Technician Program, and the River Institute. 
Some of our other community support initiatives include;

  • Moose Creek Community Fund

  • Community Liaison Council

  • Lafleche  Wetlands  Trust Fund

  • South Nation River Fisheries Advisory Committee

  • St. Lawrence College – Environmental Council

  • St. Lawrence River Institute

  • Annual Tree Planting – LEI Site South Nations

  • North Stormont – Arena donation

  • Habitat for Humanity (Seaway Valley ReStore)

Lafleche has also created a Community Liaison Committee which meets a minimum of (2) times per year. The Committee is comprised of members of the local community, adjacent landowners, a representative from the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, a representative from the Township of North Stormont and members of the Lafleche team. The committee discusses Lafleche’s daily site operations, addresses concerns, and explore future projects.