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    Waste, recycling and organics transfer stations serving Eastern Ontario.
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    State-of-the-art facility and services.
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    For all of your waste needs!
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    Safe disposal of solid non-hazardous waste.
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Services - Disposal


Our facilities are authorized to accept solid non-hazardous wastes (O. Regulation 347) generated within the Province of Ontario only. 

For safe disposal of hazardous wastes, please visit www.makethedrop.ca.

Special Waste

We are permitted to dispose of Special Waste streams, including Contaminated Soils, Specified Risk Materials (SRM), and International Waste (IW).  All incoming special waste loads must be accompanied by an approved Waste Profile Sheet.  No special waste will be accepted unless a Waste Profile Sheet has been approved by our Environmental Compliance Department. 

To obtain a copy of our Waste Profile Sheet, please click here.

For all inquires about Special Waste or for more information, please contact our Environmental Compliance Department:

Dale Phippen, Environmental Compliance Manager
613-538-2776 ext 223


Specified Risk Materials (SRM)

Lafleche is the only landfill in Ontario permitted to dispose of Specified Risk Material (SRM).  SRM is defined as cattle tissues which are thought to have the potential of transmitting Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE).
The management of these tissues enables Canada to have control and prevent the spread of BSE among cattle. To find out more on Canada’s efforts to prevent the spread of BSE through the Enhanced Feed Ban, please visit:  www.inspection.gc.ca/bse.
Terms and Conditions - Disposal of SRM at Lafleche:
  • Lafleche accepts SRM from Monday to Friday from 7am to 2pm;
  • A minimum of 24hr notice is required for all customers transporting SRM to Lafleche for disposal; and
  • As per our permit conditions, all SRM shipments must be accompanied by a valid Canadian Food Inspection Agency permit and the material must be generated from within the Province of Ontario.